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Amethyst rough Geode

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I am very excited to introduce this section on my website! 
My love and passion for gemstones have been the foundation of Sunseeker Jewelry. Being a rock and mineral collector myself, I’ve thought you would like to be able to buy some of the most beautiful gemstone specimens for your own collection.

All gemstone specimens have been personally selected and Yes, I would keep them all for myself if I could! (Haha) 

Here are some good information to keep in mind when buying gemstone in my online boutique;

  • Unless indicated, you will get the exact Gemstone in the pictures.
  • What to expect when I randomly select a specimen for you; I will let my heart pick the gemstone I feel will serve you best 🤍 *this will be indicated in the description.
  • Under those conditions, expect to receive a specimen a little different from what showed in the pictures. Since you piece was selected from a number of the same type of specimen (ex: rough Rose Quartz, Quartz Sphere xs, Amethyst phantom points, and more).
  • Each stone comes with a description card.
  • All spheres comes with a mini clear stand.
  • If you have any specific requests for me to keep in mind while selecting a gem for you, please let me know in the comment section at check out and if I am able I will follow you request. For example, you might prefer a lighter pink for you rose quartz, compared to you darker shade.