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Mother of Pearls Ajustable Ring
Mother of Pearls Ajustable Ring

Mother of Pearls Ajustable Ring

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Mother of Pearls, the source of all pearls.

Also known as Nacre, it is actually the inside of the shell where pearls are created. Nacre is a substance created by the shellfish to protect itself from debris and outside intruders.

That is actually how pearls are made, when a grain of sand enters an oyster, for example, it starts surrounding the grain with Nacre. That’s how pearls are born!

Sometimes, those grains of sand stick to the shell and becomes part of it, as you can see in the picture. That is how the Mother of Pearls that I have looked like before they became jewelry!

This Mother of Pearl is gently bezel in.999 fine silver with a .925 sterling silver backing.   

I have ONE ajustable 5-7 size ring and ONE adjustable 7-9 size ring.

Material: One of the most beautiful Mother of Pearls, set in .999 fine silver and .925 sterling silver.

Medium: silversmithing, bezel.

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. – Grace Kelly