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We thrive in offering you a wide selection of quality jewelry made with beautiful gemstones from around the World.

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Both the products and customer service are outstanding. I am very pleased with the jewelry I purchased and each piece is one of a kind. I wish I found you earlier.

Kim Lang

Sunseeker, someone who travel to a destination for the Sun; the light. Myriam, a warm-hearted artist who share her radiant adventure in the making of her jewelry through lowliness of mind.

Stephanie Pelletier

Sunseeker jewelry est ma compagnie de bijoux préférés! De magnifiques bijoux de qualités, personnalisés et fait avec pleins d’amour. Les pierres sont des merveilles!

Marie-Eve Dion

About Us

Sunseeker Story

Based in Edmundston New Brunswick, Sunseeker Jewelry was founded at the end of July 2015. The inspiration came from...

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Ethical, safe and fare environment

When choosing to work with a certain gem, we take the time to know about its origin, if it has been modified in any way, the pollution trail...

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Empowerment of women

Every women should be able to wear a piece of gemstone jewelry that will truly empower her, compliment her and above all; represents her.

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