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About Us


At Sunseeker Jewelry, we thrive in offering you a wide selection of quality jewelry made with the most beautiful gemstones from around the World. We believe in creating meaningful gemstone jewelry and that they can be as unique as each of our customers.

We believe in the empowerment of women! Sunseeker Jewelry works with women that can only work from home for various reasons and personal choices. That practice encourages women to take control of their financial situation and to work from a comfortable and peaceful environment, their homes!


Sunseeker Jewelry is a passion driven home-based company. It has also become a life style for the people that share their time, creativity and knowledge with the business. 

At Sunseeker Jewelry, we create a work environment where ideas and creativity are shared so they can evolve and become reality. By sharing our strength, we are then able to accomplish create things! We understand that your taste in jewelry and accessories are as unique as you are. We take at heart your personal needs and tastes regarding gemstones and jewelry. Every women should be able to wear a piece of gemstone jewelry that truly empower her, compliments her and above all; represents her.