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Our Story

Based in Edmundston New Brunswick, Sunseeker Jewelry saw the day of light at the end of July 2015. The inspiration came from the desire to find a meaningful purpose in life. By combining two passions; gemstone and unique handmade jewelry, I started creating personalized jewels that are beautiful to wear on a daily basis, but that can also be worn as a showpiece for that special event!

Every piece of jewelry is authentic and inspired by the Gem itself. The process starts by hand selecting a Gem and then giving it its shape and style as it goes. That process assures that each piece has its own personality and design. Each Gemstone has its own properties and characteristics. We use hand selected gemstone, sterling silver, 24kt and 14kt gold-filled, 14kt rose gold-filled, copper and leather.

Sunflowers need the life-giving rays of the sun in order to grow and fulfill their purpose, therefore, they have the ability to move in order to face the Sun and take in as much energy as they can. I believe that we all need that one motivation, that one thing that represents us and guides us, just like the Sunflower needs the Sun. For me; my Sun is my creativity, my desire to make meaningful jewelry.