July Birthstone- Ruby
July Birthstone- Ruby

July Birthstone- Ruby

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Ruby in Quartz

Excellent stone for energy. Brings a positive and courageous stated of mind. Overcomes exhaustion but yet calms hyperactivity.

Detoxifies the body, treats fevers and infectious disease. Extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system.

Each gemstone is set in our classic Petal design. With fine silver surrounding the edge of the stone, this style lets you see each side of the stone and how convenient when the stone is transparent!  

Being all natural gemstones; colour and shape might slightly vary from the pictures.

For the most precious gift to mom, get the gem for each family member and create your unique birthstone mix. Simply get the first stone with the chain, and for the other ones, select the option without the chain and I will know to put them all together!

For more information or to discuss more design options, please send me a direct message via my contact page!

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Material: 100% natural gemstones, .999 fine silver and .925 sterling silver

Medium: soldering, silversmithing, bezel

Length of pendant approx. between .5” to 1'' total

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Birthstones have been adored since the beginning of times! In fact, they have been associated with the zodiac signs for an even longer time and even have a biblical appearance.

You might wonder how each gems got to be associated with their months, well it has not always been unanimous. During the course of time, different cultures got to named different gemstones. But today, jewelers have settled into the Birthstones that we know today. There are still more than one gemstone associated with each month, and narrowing it down to only one was not an easy task!